How to get an event from a selection in the sample editor

I would like to get an event from a selection in the sample editor. I know it is possible to just drag & drop the selection onto a track and I also can create regions from selections which I than can drag & drop from the region list or even the sample pool.

However as I am working most of the time in full screen mode in the sample editor, drag & drop is no option. All I want is to make a selection in the sample editor and then set the “Event Start” and the “Event End” to my selection. I tried every funky selection function but the simple aim to set the “Event Start” and the “Event End” to my selection in the sample pool doesn’t seem possible.

Any hints on this?
samplepool selection to event.jpg

Probably there are more ways to do it:
Press P to set the locators around the selection.
Press Edit–> Select In Loop (in project window)
Press --> “Crop To Range”

Note that you can also just drag your event borders and they will snap at the range selected area.

Edit: You might also want to consider working with Regions:
These two Keycommands would be especially relevant then:
Event Or Range As Region
Events From Regions


Many thanks for the reply.
I still don’t get this accomplished in the sample editor.

Your first recommendation doesn’t work as these functions are “greyed out” when I work in the sample editor.

Dragging the event borders isn’t that helpful as well due to the usually very long events (can’t reach them in my average zoom range) I am working at.

“Event Or Range As Region” and “Events From Regions” comes close, but only the first time. If there are a second change or multiple regions it doesn’t work anymore. “Events From Regions” also seems to work only in the project view.

So overall this doesn’t seem to be possible which is a pity. It would be grate to have the simple “crop” function not only in the project view but also in the sample editor.

Place hit points at the beginning and end (only) of your selection, and select “create event from slices”.

Thanks. That’s quite good. Using hitpoints as some sort of scissors tool.