How to get another demo activation code?

I got a Cubase Elements 11 demo activation code, then activated it on a tablet that it turned out doesn’t play so well with it. So I immediately wanted to uninstall it and install it on a different PC instead. But I can’t unactivate from the soft e-licenser, and I can’t activate the same code on my other PC. On top of that, asking for another demo code doesn’t seem to work either. Is there anything I can do? Thanks.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

You cannot get multiple Trial licenses at one MySteinberg account.

You could try to Reactivate your license from the “tablet” (I guess, it’s Windows PC, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to install eLCC application and activate the license on the device) to your PC. But I’m not 100% sure, the Trial license can be reactivated.

Thanks Martin, it’s looking like I can’t do anything other than creating another Steinberg account, which is a mess I don’t want to get into! I’ve re-tried the installation I have on my tablet and with the use of an external screen and some other bits, I can probably play with it enough in the trial to get a feel for it, even if it’s not ideal.