How to get arpeggiator to export properly

I have a track that I just made where the main part uses the arpeggiator that is in the Midi inserts section of effects. It sounds perfect in program but when I go to export it the arpeggios are in the background with the chords that I used to get the arpeggiator being the main component (just the held chords not the arpeggios) I have tried shutting off and turning back on the arpeggiator, checking the midi thru box and unchecking it, and have exited out of cubase and went back in and it exports the same each time. How do I export a track with the arpeggiator effect on it that works when it is exported???

  1. Solo the MIDI track, and set L & R Locators to the Part Boundaries.
  2. MIDI Menu>Merge MIDI in Loop (making sure that “Include Inserts” is checkmarked in the dialog that appears).
  3. Click “O.K.”
    The result is a new Part (named “Merged”) is created at the same location, on the currently-selected MIDI track.

So, my guess is that the source track was selected, so that is where the Merged Part got placed. If you hadn’t also checkmarked “Erase Destination”, then the source Part is still there (and playing :wink: ) underneath.
Just drag the “Merged” Part onto a new track.