How to Get Atmosphere To Work in Cubase 6.5

I hesitated a bit to post this because there are two typical responses to the question “How do I get Cubase to recognize Atmosphere?” The first response is “Use JBridge” and the second is “Use Omnisphere - it has Atmosphere in it.”

But I feel I should post about it because there are some special considerations to installing Atmosphere using JBridge, and the second assertion is just wrong.

I know some seem to think Omnisphere is just an improved version of Atmosphere, but to many it is not. First of all, it simply does not contain all the Atmosphere patches. I have searched and searched for the theremin and Moog patches I loved in Atmosphere, and they are nowhere to be found in Omnisphere. Not the same ones. Plus, Omnisphere is a huge memory hog, and even with my 16 GB of RAM loading patches takes forever. Atmosphere is much faster and has a great collection of factory patches.

When installing Atmosphere, indeed JBridge works great. BUT, I had to use the feature on JBridge to select the single .dll file (atmosphere.dll), because when I simply let it scan the vst plugin folder it missed the file, and I tried that approach several times. So specifically pick the file, and then when JBridge asks for a destination folder for the bridges files, choose any folder except the folder containing the unbridged file (but make sure it’s inside a VST plugin folder that Cubase scans).

You may get an error saying Atmosphere can’t find the .dat file. If so, use Spectrasonics’ Spectramove.exe tool to assign the data folder (wherever Atmosphere.dat is on your computer) .

Anyway, that worked for me, and now I have my favorite software synth back.

I’m quite certain all the Atmosphere patches are in Omnisphere. For example, “Theremin’s Journey” is in Omnisphere. If there was a patch missing, somebody surely would have noticed long ago.

The Atmosphere patches actually load faster in Omnisphere than in Atmosphere. Even loading large non-Atmosphere patches is very quick if you turn on Lite or Preview.

Theremin’s Journey is most definitely not in my version of Omnisphere, so apparently I noticed it long ago. And Atmosphere definitely loads faster for me.

You might want to check your Omnisphere install because Thememin’s Journey is most definitely in Omnisphere.

As Neesam said, the patches will definitely load faster than Atmosphere if you activate Preview or Lite Version.


But I want Atmosphere, and so do other people who post here. And I have figured out how to make it work. I don’t want to use preview versions…I want to load all my Atmosphere patches. The user interface in Atmosphere is WAY WAY easier than Omnisphere.

It always confuses me why people get so obsessed over subjective preferences. If people would rather use Omnisphere…good for you. I made this post for people who want to use Atmosphere.

There is no need to get upset. We’re just trying to help in any way we can.

kind regards,


Just to be clear, the Atmosphere patches load faster in Omnisphere even without Preview or Lite turned on. I was only suggesting using Preview or Lite for large non-atmosphere patches.

But I’m not trying to convince anyone to give up using Atmosphere, just letting you know I’m unable to confirm the problems you mentioned that lead you to prefer Atmosphere. If you prefer Atmosphere for whatever reason, nobody will object to that :slight_smile:

No the do not. Maybe they load faster for you, but for me they take much longer to load. Just to be clear.

I believe he has tacitly conceded that point.


Good for you. I’m glad your Omnisphere is awesome. I started this thread for people who like Atmosphere and want it to work. This is why so many people do not post to Internet forums who would. Because it always turn into this::

AudioSeeker1: I own Gear X. Does anyone know how I can use Gear X to make Y happen?

GodofallKnowledge: Have you tried using Gear Z to do that? It’s much better.

AudioSeeker1: I don’t own or plan to buy Gear Z. I have Gear X.

GodofallKnowledge: You should really try Gear Z.

AudioSeeker1: I can’t afford Gear Z. Look, I just want to know if Gear X will do this.

GodofallKnowledge: But if you use Gear X, it has a habit of hanging, and then you have to pull the power plug from the wall.

MasterofAudio3: Why would you yank the power cord? Just hold down the power button for five seconds and the computer will cycle off.

GodofallKnowledge: Not all brands have that function. MacBooks have a six-second waiting period, and I’ll be damned if I’m waiting six seconds.

MasterofAudio3: That’s because Macs are made by Hitler and anyone using them is a Nazi.

AudioSeeker1: Look, guys, I don’t care about power button variations…I just want to use Gear X to make Y happen.

GodofallKnownledge1: You stay out of this!

MasterofAudio3: Yes! we’re debating power button options here!

Remember that when people reply to a thread, they’re not only replying to you, the OP, but also to anyone who may read said thread and benefit from the information provided.

Don’t take too much ownership over the thread and take offence if someone posts information that may not be helpful to you. It may be very helpful for someone else reading it who is in the same situation.



It would just be nice if one could post a topic, and have people reply to the topic and not start arguments about unrelated issues. I stand by my statement - MY Omnisphere does not have several patches I used in Atmosphere - MY Omnisphere loads slowly, and MY Omnisphere is way more complicated in the interface than Atmosphere. I love Atmosphere, and so do many other people. But you can NEVER talk about Atmosphere without being badgered about Omnisphere. I have been using Cubase since the late 90s, since it was bundled with my Creative Soundblaster Premium. I have a lot of info, but I hardly ever post because THIS always happens.

ROTFLAO!! Good one.

You’re not helping your cause by standing by this statement. We have made it clear that Omnisphere contains all the Atmosphere patches so the issue must be with your installation, not with Omnisphere itself.

Also, given the preview and lite version functionality of Omnisphere, your claims of faster loading times is dubious at best.

Now, as far as your issue with ease of use is concerned, i will agree with you that Atmosphere is a much simpler synth and as such is a less complicated, albeit limited, affair.

Nevertheless, i fully support you using whatever application you like.

kind regards,


Helping my cause?

I do not need to help my cause, nor do I need your validation. And I will stand by my statement all I want, thanks.

When I was trying to get Atmosphere to work, I visited lots of boards for an answer. And THIS was always the outcome.

Ok, fine. Omnisphere is the GREATEST program ever made. It has EVERY patch from Atmosphere, and then some, in EVERY version. It’ cleans your car and does your dishes, and also plays drums for you like Neil Peart. So, by all means, have fun winning this argument.

Now, all you people who would like to install Atmosphere, pretend this didn’t morph into a “Why Omnisphere is better than Atmosphere” thread.

I am going to go create a web page devoted to installing Atmosphere in Cubase 6.5 where folks can get an answer in peace without being badgered about Omnisphere.

Ever wonder why?

It’s obvious. Some folks have the overwhelming need to prove they know more than others and nitpick every fact they find. When the occasional person points this out they can’t rest until the offending person WHO JUST WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THE TOPIC submits to their vastly superior intellect.


“First of all, it simply does not contain all the Atmosphere patches”

This was true of an earlier reslease but if your omnisphere is up to date (All free updates) then you should have all of them.

Try updating to latest version.

Then you have to wonder why if you owned both why would you not use omnisphere as it uses less cpu usually on the same patches, is available in 64 bit , is more future proof, currently supported and in constant development and most of all, you have paid a not inexpensive price for it.