How to get Audio from Video into Cubase

How do you get video into cubase? When I Import Video it doesn’t show up. Also I’d like to see if I can mix the audio a bit, but I’m not sure what the best way to do this is. Please help!


File > Iprot Audio from Video. But Audio should be imported with video file. If I’m right, there is a settings in the Import window. Or am I wrong?

Hmm. When I import video files, nothing shows up. Like a block is set up in the side panel with the name of the file, but with no actual content in the timeline. I don’t get what I am missing. Hmm. Thanks so much for your reply!


Are you on Windows? Do you have the latest Quick Time Player installed?

Thanks for rely Martin! Yes, on Windows. I believe I have Quicktime yes!


Is the video in supported format?

I was wondering that! Does cubase not accept MP4 or MTS files? What is a lossless method of getting said video files into Cubase? Like how would I convert them to WAV, say? A particular program I suppose?

I’m sorry if I’m a bit annoying with my ignorance. But I really appreciate your kind patience and informed help Martin!


Read this article, please.