How to get C9 to auto-switch to new sample rate


I like that when I drop a new file into Wavelab it automatically switches the sample rate on my RME to the correct one for the file.

But in Cubase9 I always just get a sample rate error message in the Info bar and have to change sample rates manually in the RME settings.

Am I missing something that will allow cubase to do this automatically?


You can adjust the settings in cubase so that the imported audiofiles automatically convert to the samplerate of the project…
Preferences-> Editing > Audio > On Import Audio Files > Use settings > Convert & Copy to Project if needed

What you are asking is kinda… dumb? Cubase is a multi track editor. Do you want convert every file that are in Cubase into bit rate/sample rate of every next file you are dropping into it now?

There is no edge of people’s laziness %)

ps: you can set up Cubase to ask u sample/bit rate every time you create a new project.

Huh? You cats are waaaay off topic.

Some projects are 44.1 and some projects are 48. If I open a 44.1khz project, close it, then open a 48khz Cubase does not correctly switch my RME device to 48khz, it remains at 44.1 and I have to switch sample rates manually.

The reason I’m asking is because Wavelab, also a steinberg app, DOES do this sample rate switch automatically.

Do you get it now? And is there an answer to this?


Seems like you have a problem.

Cubase works fine here (also rme interface)

Projects with 44.1 auto switches my rme to 44.1
Projects with 48 auto switches my rme to 48…

Might wanna try to reinstall your rme drivers or trash your cubase prefs or something…

P.s. No need to be condenscending … Do you get it now?

Anywho, cheers n good luck:)

Is RME an audio interface?

If you hear right pitch and tempo in the 48 KHz project while it says it is 44 khz, than who cares what the number says?

If 44 khz audio would be treated as 48, it will sound fast as hell, and wrong pitch

Or if your audio interface has some bug and treat sample rate wrong, the recordings will іщгтв slower than you actually recorded them. I am saying that, cuz I had this bug with Lexicon Alpha soundcard.

So if everything “sounds” right, don’t care what driver say, or whatever. I don’t have RME, but I checked the pictures of it, and I didn’t see where you can see sample rate in it.

You are clocking the RME internally? External clock would probably make it impossible for the software to change sample rate. Then again if wavelab is doing it, strange.
I have not problems in this regard using a RME Raydat.
I believe 4.17 is the newest driver, I had some inconsistencies with the former versions.

Two things to check, Jacknight:

You’ll need to check / uncheck ‘device externally clocked’ in the cubase setup.

Then make sure RME isn’t running any other audio devices that lock the sample rate (ie. Digicheck will lock my sample rate if it is left open).


Thanks guys. I was the way I had things clocked / wordclocked with other I/O things. Gotter straightened out.
PS…GGC, that comment was not aimed at you, so don’t take it personally. It was aimed that the other genius who said it’s a dumb question. :wink:
Thanks for you help everybody.

No worries m8, no offense taken;) (hope the same goes for you;) )

Anywho, glad u got it sorted:) (-what really matters;) )

Rock on:p