How to get CD text to show mp3 files from a montage

Hi! I´ve had some help on this before, but just cant find my way back again!

When I´ve entered my data in the CD text editor AND the META data, I just don´t get the written title to show when the album is rendered but only the file name and this is what will then be seen in iTunes. Please an enlightening word someone!! / yours fransmo

You might want to use the metadata preset file that you can download here:

If you fill in all the CD-Text in a montage, then using my metadata preset in the montage before rendering any files should transfer all that to all applicable metadata for mp3/AAC and WAV files.

You just have to add the unique cover artwork after you apply my initial preset and before you render the files.

If you are referring to seeing info in iTunes when importing a burned or manufactured CD into your iTunes library, this may help:

And the name of the track file is changed too?