How to get chords from an original track


Is there somebody who can explain me how to get the chords from an original track so I can work with the same chord progression?
Hopefully somebody can help me!

audio track ? Midi Track ?

He only can mean miditrack of course…
Yes thats possible…choose midifile with the chords and push right mouse key go to accords, and add to accord…

Something like this…

Not necessarily.

If it’s audio, do what musicians have always done …

Listen to the music. Write down the chords you hear, or just remember them and play them on your instrument. :slight_smile:

If you can’t do that with the music playing at full speed, try using Cubase or some other software to slow down the playback without altering the pitch.

If you still can’t identify the chords you’re hearing, try using software that will do some (partial) analysis of the chords - eg

– a) the version of Melodyne that tries to identify all the individual notes in a polyphonic track so that you can see what the chords are (but probably don’t buy it specially), or

– b) software designed to aid transcription. I’ve heard “Transcribe!” (inexpensive) by “Seventh String” strongly recommended - and their website even lists a lot of other software meant to aid transcription.