How to get click patterns to sound in Cubase Pro 11

I did what they said in YouTube videos but none of the new patterns I created or selected will work or sound . The same 4/4 standard click sounds…any help?

You’ll have to do this from within a project.

Create a signature track. Then, on the little “4/4 +” flag, click on the +. From there you will be able to setup the click pattern however pleases you.

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That worked…Thanks

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While you are still here and helpful, do you know how to hook up to the click pattern a kick drum on the upbeats and a hihat on the 2 downbeats I have created so I don’t hear the default click sound but the drum and hihat only…in a separate track? Like through Groove Agent or media bay?

I might not be exactly right here, as I am going from what I can remember (not at Cubase at the moment), but:

I think you have to create a Groove Agent instrument. Load up the kit you like. Take note of which MIDI notes trigger the kick and the hat.

Then come over to metronome setup.

Go to the sounds tab, and connect the MIDI output port to the groove agent instrument, and assign the 4 sounds (from hi to lo) so that they reflect your choices (kick, snare, hat). I hope it will work like this.

You can also use the Render MIDI Click command as described here:

That worked also…Thanks again.

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