How to get CMC controllers in DEMO mode

Somebudy know how to put the controllers in DEMO mode ( flashing lights ) ???

Hi istokblues,

To activate the demo mode (Las Vegas mode) on the CMC units please take the following steps:

To activate the “demo mode select state”, plug in the USB cable while press-and-holding a combination of two buttons described in the attachment of this post. The CMC unit stays in “demo mode selecte state” for 10 seconds when powered by the plugged USB cable.
Now set the controller to demo mode by pressing the according button, as decribed in the attachment.
The demo mode status is saved and remains so until being disabled by following the same procedure and pressing the according button.


  1. Press and hold SHIFT and MONITOR button
  2. Connect USB cable
  3. Release SHIFT and MONITOR button
  4. Press MUTE button once
  5. You will see the fader LEDs going up/down a few times
  6. Wait for a while and you will see the LEDs light up randomly

    This feature is not officially supported and might be removed without notice in the future.

Enjoy the show :wink:.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber

Thank you Stefan !!! Nice ! I like it very much !!!

I just tried this with all the CMC controllers I have over here. Really nice, as soon as you use a controller they behave normally. Las Vegas mode returns after a while when you haven’t used them for a short time. After a power shut down of the USB-hub, the controllers are still in Las Vegas mode.

I had to turn Las Vegas mode off, since it was too much of a distraction while working with Cubase. You have to manually turn each controller off as described in the picture.