How to get Cubase 6 running on Parallels

I am using this app called Parallels on my MAC. Now I have completely installed my Cubase 6, but I cant activate eLicenser. I was trying to figure out how to find and usb and share it from mac on to Parallels but I just could not figure out how.

Can any one help me out? Thanks!

So now I tried to activate it but it says failed. That must be because my eLincenser is activated from before, which meant I don’t have to activate it?

Your license should be on the USB key. If you installed the latest version of the eLCC you should be able to use Cubase 6 straight away if the dongle is plugged in. I don’t know about parallels, what does that do?

It works now. What I did was that I went to activate eLincenser and I should have not.

Basicly it makes you run windows on MAC as ann app. I have i7 and it runs smoooooth. If u wanna work on mac but combining it with Windows, then that is the app that you need :slight_smile: I found out about it few hours ago! Great :slight_smile: