How to get Cubase to play through mac in-built speakers?

My interface/sound card is not on this computer (Macbook Pro). But I am trying to access an older project from it.

In the Audio Connections window, I can’t select ‘built-in audio’ as my device for my main stereo output - not in the Outputs tab and not in the Control Room tab. It just won’t let me select built-in audio.

How can I get around this?

Because, in the studio setup ‘built-in audio’ is the device selected, and the meters are all moving fine. Just not able to get speaker output due to reason above.


All good - got it working.

Since the project previously remembered my interface routings (as they are global), ‘built-in audio’ was assigned to the other outputs disabling me from selecting it for what i really needed it - speaker output. I just had to disconnect those outputs and it became selectable on the main stereo output (even though it’s actually mono).