How to get Cubase to recognize either the HDMI connection or the Aggregate Device?

I can only get Cubase to play via my MacBook Pro’s internal speakers after years of effectively playing over HDMI for my in-classroom presentations.

Steinberg support chat was not much help: said I had to create an AutoAggDevice.

I did that, and it works fine over HDMI using the speaker checker in Audio MIDI Setup.

My standalone musical instrument apps see both the HDMI and AAD connections, and they both work fine.

Websites play audio over HDMI no problem as I can select it from the Sound panel in System Preferences, and it shows up in the pull-down menu from the Sound icon in the menu bar. Same is true when selecting the AAD I created.

How do I get Cubase 11 to recognize either my HDMI connection or the AutoAggDevice I created?