How to get Cubase VST/32 into Cubase 6.5

Hi I need help.
I’m on Mountain Lion Cubase 6.5 and I’d like to open up Cubase VST/32 songs that were made on OS9
I have been keeping an OS9 machine around, but it’s dying.
For a while I tried the fix on this forum, and had Cubase 4 and the download of Cubase SX3 on the same elicenser, but since upgrading to 6.5 there’s only the one license on there. Plus, there’s no Rosetta on Mountain Lion so I cannot open SX3 even if the license did work.

Does anyone have a workaround?

I also have a Windows 7 PC and was thinking of buying a 2nd hand SX/SL license just to access the files, if it’s even possible.

Please help. I have a mountain of work on VST/32 that I haven’t had the time to sit through and transport over.

Does anyone know of a fix?


You don’t need to buy another license. Install Cubase SX3 on your Windows 7 PC and move the elicenser key (remember to install a new version of elicenser software also). Open all sessions there (using your Cubase 6.5 license). You can save them in SX3 to be able to open later in OS X if you wish.

Did this work for anybody? I’m in a similar situation and without my original VST32 lpt dongle to trade for the elicense. I can’t remember what’s compatible with what. Will SX3 open VST32 projects? And will my Cubase 8 Pro license open SX3?

Thank you!

Yes, your Cubase 8 Pro license will open SX3 (but remember to update Elicenser software). I am not 100% sure if SX3 will open VST32 projects (but I am almost sure this will work)

Yes, it will.

But will lead sheets retain the lyrics?

I don’t know - just install it and try it.