How to get Cubasis 2 projects and audio into v3

I purchased Cubasis 3, thinking I would be able to transfer my Cubasis 2 projects and audio to v 3, and I don’tt see a way to do that, making the new app rather useless for me at the moment, since I use it to play my backing tracks at gigs. Also, I do NOt see the wi-fi server on the new version, also an indispensable feature for me to transfer my tracks from my computer to the app.
I am feeling like I just wasted $50. Am I missing something here? I’m about to request a refund from the App Store.

Hi Midiexpert,

Thank you for your message.

While many Cubasis 2 projects should import fine with Cubasis 3, other projects fail to import as expected the first time, as mentioned in our Cubasis 3 known issues section.

Please note that we are already working on our Cubasis 3.0.1 maintenance update, which aims to address the problem.