How to get Cubasis 2 projects and audio into v3?

I purchased Cubasis 3, thinking I would be able to transfer my Cubasis 2 projects and audio to v 3, and I don’tt see a way to do that, making the new app rather useless for me at the moment, since I use it to play my backing tracks at gigs. Also, I do NOt see the wi-fi server on the new version, also an indispensable feature for me to transfer my tracks from my computer to the app.
I am feeling like I just wasted $50. Am I missing something here? I’m about to request a refund from the App Store.

Hi MajorJohnny,

Thank you for your message.

While there or many options to transfer your projects from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 (e.g. Apple’s Files app etc.), we suggest to do it this way:

  • Launch Cubasis 2
  • Go to Media/Projects
  • Choose the “Project” to be transferred
  • Tap “Share” and choose “More”
  • Choose “Copy to Cubasis 3”

Afterwards please load the project in Cubasis 3, making sure it works as expected.

Hope that helps.


I’m glad I can transfer my Cubasis 2 projects into v 3, but without the WiFi server, how can I get my tracks and mixes from my studio PC into Cubasis 3? The WiFi server was my method, but I can not do that, so I’d have to import them into v2 then transfer them. Shouldn’t there be an easier way?

Hi Midiexpert,

Thank you for your message.

There are various options to transfer files bewteen a computer and the iPad.
Please have a look at the following Apple article:

Transfer files between iPad and your computer

Hope that helps!

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It did not launch the imported project by default. I was looking at a wrong project in v3.

It works.