How to Get Data Sliders to Act Like Mod Wheel

I’m trying to get the data sliders on my midi keyboard to function in Cubase like a mod wheel. Specifically, when I click ‘learn midi cc’ in instruments like Omnisphere, my mod wheel is the only data tool that when I move it will actually learn the parameter. The others need to be mapped via quick controls, which don’t work on every instrument. Learn midi CC works on every instrument, but I only have one control that can learn. Conversely, the mod wheel is the only data tool that can’t be mapped to quick controls, if I click ‘learn’ and move it nothing registers.

So what do I need to do to change some of my sliders to act like mod wheels? Is it something that needs to be programmed on the midi keyboard internally? I tried changing one of them to midi cc #11 (which corresponds to the ‘expression’ parameter on most instruments), but it still won’t learn midi cc like the mod wheel does… Not sure what I’m missing. :cry: Really hoping someone here knows

Edit: I should add that this is a problem that occurs in Cubase and FL studio, but not in Ableton. So my guess is there’s something in those DAWs giving priority to the mod wheel and restricting the midi messages from the data sliders.

OK managed to fix this, it was a midi port issue. The issue was that by default under ‘Midi Port Setup’ in Cubase, the option “In ‘All Midi Inputs’” is unselected for the Midi keyboard’s in2 entry. So putting an X under that option removed this restriction.