How to get different guitar tones out of UR22

Ok so you guys are probably laughing at the fact that someone is even asking this question, but I’m completely new to this kind of thing.I want to know how to get different tones (distortion, etc.) out of the guitar rather than the basic clean tone.

Does the UR22 come with some software for this that I just can’t find, should I download a virtual amp or whatever online, or is there someway to do this with Cubase AI 6? Thanks

The UR22 is just an interface … it is not an amp. It simply passes on whatever signal is coming in and passes it on in digital form. So, yes you need something more. What DAW are you using?

I’m using (trying*) Cubase AI 6

Does AI come with the VST amp plugin?

You can try Le Pou plugins (virtual amps and virtual cabs). It is free, and VERY good.

Hello thearn21,

Cubase AI 6 not only features powerful recording and editing tools, it also includes a complete set of great-sounding VST3 effects plug-ins covering a wide range of types, including EQ, filter, dynamics, modulation, reverb and delay. Among the VST3 effect plug-ins you also find the amp simulator. It provides you with a huge range of amp and speaker emulations.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber