How to get events to move with time warp/grid warp?

So I’m scoring to picture and need to offset a finished cue by a little over a 16th note in order to catch a significant point in the action. I know that time/grid warp is great for mapping out your tempo track for this type of thing ahead of time, but is there a way to warp the grid and have your events stay at their relative positions? I know I could just select all the audio and move it, but I would rather have things stay on the grid if possible. Tracks are all set to musical timebase, but my events don’t want to move in accordance with my changes.

So you want to Keep the tempo of the tune, and simply move the whole arrangement a 16th note foward, so all events stay at their bar Position? Or do you want to stretch the whole arrangement and therefore slightly slow down the whole tune?
And are you talking about Audio or MIDI?

I’m working with both audio and MIDI and want to keep the tempo the same, moving the whole arrangement. If it were to be offset by exactly a 16th note, I suppose a workaround would be to insert a bar of 17/16 prior to the start, but it’s not exact (plus that’s kind of clunky). I’ve had no problems with events conforming when changing the tempo (as long as audio is in musical mode), but they don’t seem to respond the same way to grid warp.

In an ideal scenario, I could warp multiple points within a cue and have the events all conform to any resulting shift and/or tempo variation.

I might be misunderstanding, but:
1.Set all clips to musical mode (with the correct tempo information added of course) (Not necessary, if the tempo stays the same)
2.Set all track to musical timebase
3.Set Timewarp to “musical events follow”
4.create a warp tab at the point you want to move
5.Move the tab to the desired position

Ah, this video is a thing of beauty - exactly what I am trying to achieve! Thanks for laying out the steps. I think it was a simple oversight on my part as I did not see the option for “musical events to follow”. I’m working on another cue right now, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I was missing. Thanks!