How to get extra staff in parts not to show in score?

In an orchestral score if I have as an example 3 flutes on one staff which sometimes play chords or different note values but in the parts added an extra staff in those passages so I could divide them to add much clarity for the players, but little did I realize they show up in the score too. Is there a way to stop this from happening?


Dorico is designed to have each flute entered on its own staff in the Full “Working” Score. They can be condensed to sit on the same staff in a second full “Conductor’s” Score.

As Derrek says: use the Condensing feature in the Score to ‘condense’ the separate staves into one line on the score, while keeping them separate for each part.

will try that out, thanks

Couldn’t get these to work. I think it’s possibly because it is an xml score from Sib 7 and the voices in sib may not translate to the voice order in Dorico as when I check what should be up stem v. 1 ends up being down stem voice 1.

You can change the voice of the notes, then close and re-open the project to clean up unused voices.

Additionally, instruments with extra staves cannot be condensed in the systems where those extra staves are present.