How to get flow duration on a first page without music

I do that on my first page but the problem is that I see always {@flowDuration@} or
{@flownDuration@} but not time

It has to be in a text frame I think.



You cannot use tokens in shift-x text. As @jesele says, you need to put the token somewhere in a text frame (preferably by editing a master page layout).

Ok I do that but it doesn t work without music Frame see my picture



If you right-click in the text frame you get a list of tokes to insert.


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I try it but it doesn t work

Double-click first so that you get the cursorl then right-click.


I understand why it doesn’t work because it’s not attached to the music frame

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If you double-click inside the text-frame?


And as @Janus said, you wrote flowduration, should be flowDuration


In fact I am wrong - they are not case sensitive! See
It is strange though that the default tokens in the master layout pages are shown as eg. {@projectTitle@}!

OK I’ve done some experiments and I agree with you. The behaviour of the {@flowduration@} token is inconsistent.

However, the token {@flow1duration@} should work on your title page (note the 1)


Thanks it’s now good
Thank you very much for quick answer

Can you say me
How to get the entire duration of a Sonate with 3 mvt

Flow tokens on pages with no music frames must include a specification of the flow number, as explained here on the Tokens page in the latest version of the manual.

@Laurent_Colombo I realise you posted this question in two threads - try to be careful when doing that, as it can make it harder to anyone helping you to know what you’ve already been told, sometimes duplicating everybody’s efforts.

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  1. select the last note (or rest) of the sonata

  2. press P

  3. press the space-bar immediately

  4. Top Right read the entire duration of the sonata. (if you see the bar number click on it, you’ll see the duration)

This is almost word-for-word what I recommended to @Laurent_Colombo in his other thread, demonstrating precisely why posting the same question in multiple places should be avoided wherever possible, or at least made clear for onlookers.


Hello @Lillie_Harris ,
Sorry again for sending too many messages.
I’ll be more careful next time so as not to overload the forum thread

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