How to get halion sonic SE3 ?

I saw SE3 and it looks great, i wanna know, if it possible to install it without full version Halion sonic 3 ?


Yeah that is it. Just install and your se2 will be se3 with the usual content.

Does anyone (Steinberg) know if the HSSE 3 upgrade is going to be included in the next CB maintenance release? Or do we have to do the separate install upgrade to get it? I can wait if it will be installed in combination with a future maintenance release.

BTW… I did request the HSSE 3 activation code a few days ago. I never got the email. :unamused:

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If you have cubase you don’t need a code. But here it was in the spam or advertisement folder. And it is a super easy install anyway.

Well… I asked for the link twice and never received it. I submitted a support ticket. Oh well.

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just fill email adress, then password form mysteinberg, and immediately recieve email with code.
no problems. Maybe your email have smthg like Spam filter…

It looks like it would be that easy but… not for me. I tried a day or two ago when I first noticed the upgrade and again today. Nothing is going to my spam folder.

Oh well… I’ll wait for the reply to my submitted support ticket. :unamused:

Regards. :sunglasses:

I have also requested the upgrade several times and no email.
Looks like something is wrong on their end, and no not in the spam folder either.

Support assisted. I was able to download and install HSSE3 with no issues. :slight_smile:

Still not sure why I could not download it myself. Weird. :question:

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