How to get in touch with Cubase support

when trying to get in touch with Steinberg support we end up on this page.
No idea how to progress from here.
Any ideas ?

In some countries, support is provided by a local Steinberg/Yamaha distributor. You can find your local distributor by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard and searching for your country here:

Your distributor may forward your support request to Steinberg if they’re unable to assist you.

Thanks for reply.
we live in Thailand. We are directed to a Yamaha website where everything is written with Thai script and nowhere to seemingly create a ticket for support.

Do you know if this is a recent policy of Steinberg as I 1 year ago was able to create a ticket and get in contact with support I recall.

In any case its absurd that it should be so difficult to get in touch with Steinberg after purchasing one of their products

If you lived in Thailand at the time, then you were always supposed to contact the local distributor. You might be misremembering, maybe you contacted the Online Shop Support instead, which is a separate thing.

I can’t read Thai myself, but I believe this is the support form for your distributor:

Again, if this is a complex support case, they’ll get in touch with Steinberg to be able to better support you.

If you wish, you can also make a new topic about your Cubase problem. One of the other users might know the solution.

Thanks for reply.
actually I have had several Email correspondences with them over the last three years.

In regards to the form you linked to - Its all in Thai so impossible to fill out unfortunately.

I am not even the one that are reaching but helping a friend that recently bought Cubase, and he complained that it was very difficult to get in touch with their support so I thought I would help him but encountered the same problem.

I could just hope that someone from Steinberg would read along and take this into consideration.

I might let him make a thread for his questions here. Probably better off that way.