How to get Kawai MP9500 sequenced with Cubase 1.03 ?


I just Dragged that heavy Kawai MP9500 out of the cellar to plug it into a Cubase 1.03 installed Windows PC (5.1 XP SP2) using a MIDI to USB cable (MIDI MATE AUDIOTRAK 16), but no sound seems to be getting into or out of the PC. Kawai and Cubase user manuals are full of over complicated acronyms I can’t make any sense out of, but which don’t look as though the answer is there.

Would be extremely grateful if someone had any idea of how to go about this?


1- MIDI to USB adaptor (MIDI MATE): apropriate Windows XP driver update downloaded and installed from Audiotrak online (
2- Turned on and off both PC and Kawai keyboard for Cubase 1.03 to recognise MIDI MATE adaptor as a line in and out.
3- Declared Kawai as a new keyboard within the settings and chose the MIDI adaptor as the source.
4- Swaped the MIDI input labelled cable end with the output labelled cable end (at the rear off the Kawai keyboard).

Works like a charm.