How to get Korg padKontrol to work in Cubase 5?

I cannot get my padKontrol to show up in Cubase 5.5 as a MIDI controller. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and have the Korg USB MIDI driver installed (version user and kernel). I am connecting the padKontrol to my PC via USB and the padKontrol appears to be operational (LED lights up, pads flash red when touched), however neither of my DAWs see any MIDI activity from it.

When I go to the Generic Remote setup in Cubase, nothing is listed for the padKontrol in the MIDI Input or MIDI Output lists.

The padKontrol manual gives no guidance on how to get DAWs to see the device, so I have no idea whether my padKontrol is working, or whether there’s anything additional I need to do to set it up.

What is it supposed to take to get a DAW to see the padKontrol on a USB connection on 64-bit Windows 7?

Are there any existing padKontrol owners out there? Do you see the padKontrol as a MIDI device when you’re setting up a Generic Remote?

If the drivers are installed correctly, then you ‘should’ see the midi in and out of the padcontrol available Cubase.

Just now got it working. I was running the latest drivers from the web site. It’s funny, the box and printed manual are from 2005 (XP era), but the driver disc is from 2008 (Vista era)… the drivers up on the site are from 2011 and explicitly support Win 7, so that was a relief. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I looked in the KORG USB-MIDI Driver folder and ran the UnInstDrv64 program. After clicking Next the first time I saw that there were four lines that looked something like this:

  • midi 1: wdm (corrupted)
  • midi 2: wdm (corrupted)
  • midi 3: wdm (corrupted)
  • midi 4: wdm (corrupted)

Down below that were my other real MIDI ports, followed by the one that said “KORG padKONTROL (Connected)”

On a hunch, I disconnected the device, deleted all of the padKONTROL and WDM entries, and then re-connected. I now see all MIDI in and out ports in my DAW. Whew!

Thanks for responding!