How to get Link Sync in Cubasis!

Perhaps everyone but me knew this …

We all know that routing MIDI Clock around in iOS for app sync is a fools errand. Abelton Link seems to work pretty well though… but no support in Cubasis.

BUT … I just discovered that if I add an AU3 app (ie synced ) which also supports Link to a Cubasis audio track, I can use the Link connection from that app to sync apps outside of Cubasis!

So for instance

1: I added EG Pulse to a Cubasis 3 AU 3 MIDI Instrument track … perfect as a time keeper! It runs in sync with Cubasis because of AU3. I turned on its Link connection.
2: Then I ran an app called Quantum outside of Cubasis ( it’s a kick ass step sequencer … not AU 3 though ) and activated Link in it. It connects to the Link network sera lashed by EG Pulse.
3: In a Cubasis MIDI track source I connected Quantum’s MIDI to an instrument sound.
4: Now kick off playback in Cubasis … EG Pulse plays ( you could mute it of course ) …
5: Go to Quantum and engage play. Boom it syncs up with Pulse which is isync with Cubasis. Fiddle and record when ready!

This also works with WOTJA … so I can have Wotja’s MIDI generated content run into Cubasis and be recorded in sync with the grid there… or other instruments.

I think it will work with any Link app … as many as you want.

In a Cubasis linear sequencer environment it’s best if the Link app supports Link start/stop … then they would all obey the Cubasis transport commands. Not many do though, so there’s a bit of jumping between apps to start/stop things!

But its a Cubasis Link support retrofit I think?

One Day AU will make all this moot … but might be useful to someone right now.

Hi Itf3,
I tryed your solution Cubasis 3 + EG Pulse with Future Drummer from Lumbeat.
When you press Cubasis s Start button, Lumbeat takes the tempo. After, I have to start Lumbeat on the first bar, not always easy when the beat is fast or complicated.
And after 20 bars the synchronisation Slides slowly.