how to get MIDI to an audio VST plugin?

I have an audio plugin (Madrona Labs Virta) that accepts MIDI input (in my case MPE) and I need to find a way to route MIDI properly to the audio track to control the plugin. This can be done in Bitwig, but I can’t figure out a way to do it in Cubase 9 (9.03)…

thanks for any hints!

Greg K.


Make sure the plug-in is VST 3.

Once you Insert the plug-in to the Audio track, the MIDI Port should appear. Then you can set it up as an output of your MIDI Track.

Thank you Martin! I tried this but I don’t see the MIDI port. In both cases I tried VST3 plugins (Saturn and MFM2)

Doesn’t need to be a vst3 plug-in for this to work, I have plenty vst2.4 fx plug-ins that I can send midi notes to from a midi track.

Thanks, can you tell me where to look in the interface to find the midi port?

So in this example I have an audio track named “Audio 01” with a plug-in “The Drop 64” on one of the inserts. Now I’ve added a midi track “Midi 01” (not an instrument track) and in the midi track outputs list I have the plug-in midi input port selected.

Thank you so much for this LarsErik!!

You’re welcome, a screenshot is worth a thousand words.

so true!!