How to get more attribute columns in the filters section of

Maybe someone now…i can’t find it yet
I do have
Category-Subcategrory-Style-Substyle-Character-Key … all choosen from the Musical attributes

I do want to expand the musical attributes to more…but it seems to be limited to 6 attributes?


I check this in the VST effects and instruments of HALion Sonic SE. I found just 5 columns of atributes. And no way, how to add one more. I can resize it, but not change of count.

In the main mediabay i do get 6 attribute columns
In Hailion SE in the program slot : 4 atrribute columns
In Hailion SE in top browser i do get 5 attribute columns
The soundbrowser has 6 …
The minibrowser has 2

It seem sto be a fixed number of atrribute colums ?
I should aspect that i can get as many attribute columns as i need ?
Well i need to study the manual further for this.


Yes, confirm. I have exactly the same count of columns in all places, you wrote.

It looks, these are fixed.

so is this officially the case, that there are a fixed number of columns for the attribute filters? In the loop browser there are only 3 columns, in the media bay there are 6. Seems odd that you can assign all these attributes to files but can’t set up as many columns as you want…