How to get more than 16 instruments per Expression Map?

I am on a quest to decrease the number of tracks in my projects!

Would using something like transmidifier in addition to Cubase’s Expression Maps increase the number of patches one could utilize per track? Just by using Expression Maps, I have run into a problem of having more midi channels than a single instance of Play has output. If this could open the door to using multiple instances of play within a single expression map, that would be sweet! I am attempting to put as many instruments per track as possible. Im thinking that I can use standard 1-16 in expression maps then use program change commands in transmidifier to modify what those 1-16 commands are, effectively multiplying the number of instruments available per track since there are way more program change values than keyswitch/midi channels. The only problem I can foresee is that if I layer tracks, each using the same expression map but separate program codes, it may use the most recent program code for both tracks.