How to get plugin folders&list in order? OS X

My plugin folder and list is a mess. How can I clean it up?

For example some companies have separate folders for their plugins like SoundToys and Softube, but Waves doesn´t have. Waves plugins are under “Vocals, Dynamics, Channel Strip and so on…”, but in those folders there´s other companies plugins too. Then some companies plugins don´t have folders at all like Fabfilter and DMG Audio.

All this confuses me and I´m always hunting for the plugins in the plugin list. And what´s the correct way to delete a plugin in OS X? Can I just throw the plugin into the trash bin from the folder or do I have to search other files too from my hard drive? Or is there some uninstall option available that takes care of all the files in the hard drive? How do I know which plugins have uninstall option?


Aloha L,

There have been a number of ‘PLUG-INS MANAGER’ request posted on the board.
Perhaps Steiny is reading them and will respond in a future up date/grade.

This can be a prob on Mac 'puters.
(there might be some 3rd party apps that can do this properly).

But in the meantime:
There are two ‘plug-ins folders’
One at the system level and one at the user level.

Also check the ‘Application Support’ folder(s) which is in the ‘Library’ folder.
One at the system level and one at the user level.

And Steiny also has some plugs in the app itself.
While you CAN go in and remove stuff. I don’t think that one is a good move.

Good Luck!