How to get plugins to appear like this

In this video at 40.04 he opens his plugin context menu. How do you get it to appear this way? Hes on mac. I am on PC, maybe this is macs way of showing it?

But if not how do I get to appear this way showing the manufacturer name first and I also like the background compared to the black background of the default context menu…

Thanks .

Use Cubase 6.5

Lol is that why? I never had 6.5 I went from 5.5 to 7 I think… Actually I bought 6.5 as 7 was released then never installed it. I like that menu why they get rid of it haha. That with the search function would be perfect.

choose “sort by vendor” option in plugin manager

“click the down arrow at top right corner of plugin manager”

ps. i also couldnt find a reference to this in the operations manual

This option was there in C7, I’m still looking for this one in C8.

I believe you can find this in ‘options’ in the new plugin manager…

Not at my DAW right now, so I can’t post a screen shot…

Good luck!

Well as long as the plugins don’t sound like that!!!