how to get "print screen" pic onto forum to help ask qestion

Before I can ask my real question, I need help in posing my question. In order to ask the question I have, I feel it would be a lot easier if i could post a picture of my screen on cubase so you could see a snapshot of my screen. Is this possible? At work we can hit print screen and then in an e-mail we simply right click in the body of the email and then paste the print screen pic we just captured and attach it to the email. Really slick. I have tried what I think are a couple of common sense ways to do this and it isn’t working. does anybody know how to do this using this forum? thanks.

it is possible using the forum attachment system but a little convoluted to show the pic in the post. Simple to just add as an attachment though.

My preferred way is to upload the pic to imgur (using the auto resize for message boards option) and then copy the BB Code link and paste it here.
The pic then appears inline like this:

But there is a max size so a fullscreen grab isn’t going to work that well…in that case either post as attachment to be downloaded or as a linked BBCode from imgur so clicking on the pic takes you to the full size pic.

Unlike Grim I rarely post images within the posting & instead use the Forum’s Attach File - mostly because it’s the easiest and I’m lazy.

I use Window’s Snipping Tool rather than PrtScr because it creates a smaller image that only shows what I want. Save the snip as a file and either load it directly to the Forum or use Grim’s method to host the image elsewhere and display it in-line within your post.

great advice. thank you. this will help a lot. I will be writing these down for future reference as I am sure I will be using these a lot in the future. Stay tuned for real question in the next couple days!