How to get rid of damn eLicencers?


I am getting nasty elicencers errors almost everytime when I access my dongles on the MacBookPro, I never purchased any software using elicencers but there is some expired elicencer listed - mp3 pro blabla… The elicencer controll center tells me every time I use it that a repair will now be performed etc etc, but after some waiting there is just an error.

This bugs me to death, how can I delete that fuckin elicencer shit from the dongle? It is shown in the control center all the time, there is no delete button or something…

grab the very latest elicenser app. launch it then run the cleanup function.

Well, I did that a couple of times on my MacBook - latest control center - nothing happend, there is still that red-MP3 pro elicencer which causes errors. On my Win7 workstation it is not a problem but when I start Cubase on the Mac I have to click the error-promts twice… That sucks somewhat.

I’ve also never found a way to get rid of that feckin’ MP3 demo license, and cleanup does not work even after the period has expired. It is still sat there here too.
Doesn’t cause me any problems I am aware of, but it would sure be nice to be able to get rid of it completely.


Why not contact Steinberg support directly ? :wink:



Hey Chris, never thought about that :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, I will do as soon as Leidensdruck is high enough :smiley: