How to get rid of it: “could not create record file!”?

Hello! I have a problem - every time I click on audio track , I get notification “could not create record file!”. And I can’t work with track untill I close this notification. It’s totally pointless and very annoying…:((
I tried to create audio track in different ways (add, import audio, create audio track after rendering), but it didn’t help.
I will be thankful for your advice🙏🏻

What OS and account level are you using ? I ask this, because it looks like an authorization issue to me, unless you have only very few space left on the disk you are attempting to record/work with.


The project is probably stored in a folder, where you have no permissions to write.

For example Desktop folder behaves weird (and might result in this) on Windows.

thank you🙏🏻

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Thank you🙏🏻