How to get rid of media bay panel?

Hello, there. I wan to get rid of media bay panel, and put at that place my HALion instruments, but I don’t know how. Can anybody help me?

Do you mean the panel on the right of the project window?..
Right Panel.jpg
Just click on “VST Instruments” (to the left of where it says “MediaBay”).
To close that panel completely, just hover the mouse over the right edge, and uncheck the "pop-up “Racks”.

ALT+T would do the job too :slight_smile:

OK, how do I add HALion now?

Press Alt+T again.

For HALion? I need HALion, not media bay.

In the panel where mediabay was there’s a VST Instruments tab (at the top). This is where you can load VST plugins like Halion. Is that what you’re trying to do?

No. I don’t need to load VST plugin into the media bay. It was a stand-alone thing all together.


I am guessing that English is probably not your main language ( :question: ), but “Standalone” means that it runs as a separate application, without needing to launch Cubase at all :wink:.
As regards loading VST Instruments in general, you can either create an Instrument Track (from the Project menu>Add Track>Instrument), or, as Transistor has just posted, press F11, to open The VST Instruments Rack, load HALion as a Rack Instrument, then play/record it from a regular MIDI track.
And as for MediaBay, its only role as regards VST Instruments is as a database for their presets/patches (which you can load from there… but you don’t have to :wink: ).

When I press F11, nothing happens.

That sounds very wrong. You should get the Instrument rack. What are your system specs?


Bet you are on a Mac. This is one of the reasons we encourage folks to put their system specs in their signatures - it makes it easier to diagnose issues (hint, hint :wink: )