How to get rid of Metronome Mark

Hello, I would like to get rid of the metronome mark behind my Tempo text. How can I achieve this?
tempo - metronome mark.png

Select the tempo item, open the Properties panel, switch off the ‘Metronome mark shown’ property.

Thank you, I found the properties panel :slight_smile:

[edit]a suggestion to the User Interface: If I double-click an item (like the tempo text) the properties panel pops open (if it had been closed before)

Ideally we would like double-clicking an item to open the popover that can be used to create it, with the text you could type to create it already populated, to make it quick to edit it with the keyboard. We hope to add this relatively soon.

Is there a way to remove metronome markings in parts without having to go to every single part and editing the properties?

No, I’m afraid not. That’s curious, though: you want metronome marks to appear in the full score, but not in the parts?

Well yes. Some of the musicians in my orchestra (amateur) think they know more about tempo than me. By taking away the metronome marks, I will avoid many future discussions.
This will lead to more playing time for the whole orchestra and direct their attention to me for the tempo instead of reading it from the sheet music.


You could use text for the MM, and then hide it in the parts.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t do workarounds if I can avoid it.

carsten, this might be one of the cases, where you can’t avoid a workaround.

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