How to get rid of redundant numbers after instrument names


how can I name my instruments the way I want them in the score (full instrument names)?
It seems, there are numbers added, even if I renamed properly. I can not get rid of them.

Viola solo
Violino I
Violino II
instrument names.png

Unfortunately there’s a bug that prevents instruments whose names you’ve overridden from not showing numbers. This will be fixed in the 1.0.10 update.

Daniel, I tried to input a new Viola solo instrument/player. It does show as Viola 3 then. Should I start setting up the score „from scratch“? Somehow I managed to get rid of the „Corni in G in G“ changing it to „Corni in G“

No, unfortunately you’ll need to wait until we have fixed the problem to be able to coerce the staff labels into looking the way you want. The only way you’d be able to do it right now would be to use completely different instrument types for each instrument in your project, so that Dorico isn’t tempted to try to number them together, but this is obviously far from ideal.

Isn’t a suitable workaround, for now, to use “Add Group” button (Setup mode, bottom left) and assign e.g. Violin 1 and Violin 2 players to different player groups?

That “separates” them from each other (still bracketed together etc.) and one can rename them Violino I and Violino II without the Arabic numerals appearing automatically.

Yes, I guess that might be a good workaround for now, Vili, though it will require some repair once you open your project in 1.0.10.

Thank you for confirming this, Daniel. Just curious — will the “repair”, once 1.0.10 is out, entail some more (more difficult) steps than simply deleting the player groups?

No, it should be as simple as removing the groups, as you say.

Actually I used this easy method to correct the instrument names :wink:

a) Export as music.xml
b) Open in Sibelius
c) Correct instrument names
d) Export as music.xml
e) Reimport to Dorico

To add a little more info regarding what needs to be fixed, heres another example. This one, in addition to adding the unwanted Arabic numeral at the end of the name, also adds the words “in F” (they’re horn parts).

I’ve corrected the name in both the Player and Layout listings (though you’ll have to enlarge the attachment to be able to see that on the far left and right sides), but as we know by now, that didn’t fix it.