How to get rid of "untitled Project"?


I have the following Problem.

I did enter a title under Setup / Project Info / Project Title,

however, Dorico still saves everything in a Folder “untitled Project”. How do I get dorico to use the Project Folder?

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Wouldn’t File > Save as… do the trick?

Dear Torsten,
File info is where you input all the information that will be used to fill the different tokens you use in the file (titles, names, dates…) It is absolutely not related with how the file will be saved on your machine.
Make sure you give a title to your project (not only to the first flow), using the arrows at the top of file info window

Are you looking at the Backup Projects folder inside Dorico Projects somehow? If so, don’t interfere with the files in there: save your projects outside that folder. Dorico doesn’t currently clean up those files or folders except to make sure that it keeps only the specified number of backups in each folder, but in the future we may well add features to prune the overall folder automatically, so you don’t want to put any of your own important files in there.

I did put all Infos into the file Folder, but dorico still created the untitled Project Folder.
A complete Restart did the trick. It would be ideal if this wouldn’t be necessary.


Torsten, I think you’re missing an important point: a Dorico project is a single file, not a folder. You can put it wherever you like, via Save As…

Pianoleo: I am not talking about the file of the dorico project (xy.dorico), I am talking about dorico always creating a folder “untitled Project” on its own when exporting music (f.e. as mp3). Dorico seems to use the title of the project for the folder, and first that didn’t work.

I must say, I would prefer a better solution for the naming of folders. The automatically generated names may help, but in many cases it would be better to have a direct control when saving the exports.


This is the first time in three posts that you’ve mentioned exporting audio. It might have been useful if you’d indluded that in your opening post…

FWIW, my experience is that Dorico uses the filename of the project for the parent folder, and the flow name for the flow folder. If you haven’t saved your project as anything, Dorico spits out “untitled Project”.

For example, in this case the project was saved as “pianoleo pedal test.dorico” and I didn’t bother to name Flow 1.