How to get secondary notes for alternate lyrics?

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible in Dorico to notate secondary notes (if that’s the correct term) for another set of lyrics. I’ve seen this in sheet music before where there’s a repeat in the music but the second verse of lyrics as more syllables and/or variations in the melody, so this is indicated in the vocal line with notes which are smaller in size but fit in on the same vocal line. I hope that makes sense. How can I achieve this in Dorico?

Just use another voice. Set the caret and hit Shift+V to create a new voice, then later on on that instrument you can use V to toggle between the two voices. You’ll also want the Scale property on the left side of the properties panel.

Okay thanks. Is there any way I can hide the rests that come with the additional voice? The voice still has to sing the other notes there.
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 09.10.00.png

Edit > Remove rests.

Amazing, thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a way to switch voices when entering lyrics? I know how to use the arrow keys to switch verses, to use option (alt) to switch to translation, but is there a way to switch voices while inputting, or is the only way to go in and select a note from the alternate voice and shift+L?

Lyrics do not need notes to be input. Simply exit the normal shift-L process (where right arrow, space bar or - advances to next note). Invoke the caret at the rhythmic position where you need the lyric to be, invoke shift-L popover, choose the appropriate verse and enter your syllable there. Rinse and repeat for all syllables needed.
Hope it helps!

I see what you mean. But then I need to re-invoke the carat for each syllable, right? I am still only able to advance along with the notated notes, and hyphens don’t work properly. Or am I missing something?

Hyphens work fine. They won’t necessarily show after the first/middle syllable until you’ve typed the next/final syllable.

I think I see what it is. Does inputting lyrics this way only allow you to advance to the next space on the grid? In that case I just need to adjust grid one degree finer.

EDIT: I tried that, and the syllables still advance with the inputted notes. I don’t see how to input lyrics with the grid.

It’ll let you advance anywhere. With the caret invoked, you can always type the note value by which you want to move and then hit Space.

I believe you, but I don’t understand how this works. How do you input the duration of the note in the Lyrics popover? Is this documented? I’m searching the documentation now.

Ah. No, you have to close the popover before advancing the caret. The point is that you can invoke the caret with anything selected (Shift-N), move it wherever you like, then type Shift-L and type the next lyric, then hit Enter to confirm the popover, etc.

Ah! I get it now! Thanks for your patience. I really appreciate it.

Windrag, the truth is, if you’re trying to put lyrics on an alternate voice, the easiest thing is to just select that voice and advance normally between the notes with space. This is one area where Dorico is a little bit finicky at the moment. Just be aware that if you take this tactic and have verse numbers turned on, you may end up with a floating verse number depending on your musical context (which can then be turned off in the properties panel).