How to get sound from my speakers?

Macbook Pro
Cubase Elements 7
PreSonus Firestudio

Hello all!

I got my gear up and going again, but I cant figure out how to get sound out of my Macbook speakers, or headphones
plugged into the computer.

I got a pair of monitors (Rokit 6) but they´re not availibale right now.

Where in the settings do I get the sound from Cubase out of my Macbook-speakers insted of through the Firestudio?

Thanks alot for the help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, but I could´nt find any help in that link :confused:

When I chose my soundcard (Firestudio) in the Device Setup, I can record my guitar, since the guitar is
connected to that soundcard. But I have to switch to “Built In Audio” to playback what I have recorded.

I can´t hear what I am recording, while im recording with the “Built In Audio”…If it made any sense…?

Didn’t mention monitoring an input.

Not on Mac, but if possible, you’d have to set it up in Core Audio.

Cubase can only use one ASIO driver at a time.

I don’t think ASIO4All is Mac compatible.

Mac has “aggregated device” or whatever it is called.