How to get the best sync with a external sequencer?

hi, I’m looking for any tips in order to achieve the best recording sync from a drum machine.

I’m not sure what you guys are doing to get the best sync with MTC while tracking out of a drum machine…

Currently I have Cubase sync as slave to the Roland and the Roland is transmitting all fine. I can use the Roland to start/stop and all is good.

Recordings sound pretty much in sync with the cubase metronome too but upon close inspection I notice I’m getting a lot of fluctuations when analyzing the recording of the Roland click metronome.

Do you guys find you always use Record Offset?

How often do you have to ‘re-sync’ by taking a fresh measurement from your external gear?

I’m running only 1 midi machine right now so no stringing of extra midi devices, just a real simple setup.

Ideally I want to get my sync as close as possible but I’m wondering if it will just be futile to try if these things just fluctuate my nature?

cheers yall

don’t use Cubase as a slave, use it as the master and try using midi clock.

@Split, Ok I tried doing that and results are still definitely in question.

Do you find you still use Record Offset for this task?

When I use Cubase as the master I still get about 100 samples of offset, which also is showing about 20-30 samples of fluctuations.

Would you consider this relatively normal and to be expected?

When using Cubase as slave it appears that there is less offset but roughly similar amount of jitter (20-30 samples on every downbeat).

Seeing you don’t give a complete signal chain, any intelligent answer is impossible.

Reduce the latency to the absolute minimum and try again.

@Immortal. I stated my recording chain is dead simple, just Roland Sequencer connected to my interface connected by midi for sync and audio from the Roland -> the interface for tracking.

At this point I am probably going to look at upgrading my EMU 1616m in hopes of improving jitter and midi response (likely to a UCX).

@Split, reducing latency further is not a option (or a valid solution IMO). Cubase already corrects audio for latency.

I asked what is a acceptable amount of jitter for doing this task, if it is around 20-30 samples then I am roughly correct.

Still nobody is mentioning if they are using a recording offset for this task.


No shit Sherlock. :unamused: What you didn’t state is the make of gear. :bulb: Since you’d rather go round in circles instead of just posting the info, I’ll refrain from telling you how to fix it.

I would rather go around in circles? I’m not sure about that, but anyways thanks anyways I’m sure someone else can actually answer this question that is obviously above your technical understanding.

Lotsa luck with that. Again, instead of providing simple info you’d rather play ring around the rosey. Have fun, DA. :laughing: