How to get the free Upgrade from Spectralayers 11 after purchasing 10 in Pro Audio Sales?

Hi guys,

I recently got Spectralayers 10 in Pro Audio Sales, and I noticed that it can be upgrade to Spectralayers 11 for free when it’s released.

Anyone knows if Spectralayers 11 will be automatically arrived in my user account or I have to contact the steinberg support team for this?


You usually get a voucher for the new release. It will show up in the Vouchers section of your MySteinberg account.

At what date did you activate your SpectraLayers 10 license?

The current sale started on May 15 which also seems to be the beginning of the grace period. So all SL 10 purchases made during the sale are eligible for a free update.

It could be a coincidence but good for some.

Thanks guys~

I did the purchase in May 19th which means it’s in between the free Grace Period, but I don’t have any vouchers in account.

The voucher doesn’t appear before the release of SL 11. You have to wait until June 19 which is the announced release date. :wink:

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