How to get the Portico Plug-Ins

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see how to get the Neve EQ and Compressor Plugs or how much they cost. I see the specs and a brochure to download but that’s it. Any thoughts?


They are pricey - I was at the Steinberg booth this morning at the NAMM show when they announced Cubase 6 and the Portico plugins - $499 each for the EQ and compressor (list price) or $798 for both as a bundle.

They are available soon with prices included :wink:

I was also at the NAMM show but only had 5 mins to talk to steinberg. Anyone know if there is going to be a demo of the neve plugins? I have a ssl duende and love it, but I would like to check out the neve plugins if they are as good as they say $800 list price is not bad.

Even Waves or UA don’t charge so much for an eq or compressor…I wonder if it’s worth it

in a word… NO.

There are tons of good emulations out these days. There’s nothing they can do with vintage EQ/Comp modeling that is worth those prices.

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yeah that’s pretty much what i was thinkin…

I’d say that, if Mr. Neve takes the risk to puts his personal name on it, and if Yamahe takes the risk to ask that kind of money for it, it must be that the plugins are extremely good.

That being said, value is measured in a very personal way.
There are people who own a million console, who have thousands of worth in outboard, … did they get value for their money? If you are happy with the stock Cubase plugins, then these Portico plugins won’t most certainly be worth purchasing. If these plugins work for you in a way no other plugin does the job -even if it is all imagination-, then it will be worth every penny.


499 is ridicilous. End of story!

Besides that,with all due respect to Rupert Neve,the hardware Portico line isn’t considered to be exceptional .

A time limit demo would answer many questions.