How to get the score editor and key editor in one window

Is it possible to divide the mainscreen in 2 editorscreens?
I must doing this by making a new workspace?

Perhaps also possible to use 2 flatscreens for the the scoreeditor and keyeditor ?

There is no “tiled” (consolidated) window function, but you can indeed open both the Score Editor and the Key Editor at the same time (and place them where you wish).

I’m waiting for consolidated windows years, in Cubase. Steinberg, make this in Cubase 7, please!

Yes, by starting with cubase in one screen and make it a little smaller than the default computerscreen and than you can drag it to the second screen ( enlarge Cubase )
Now you can in one screen see a project view with a score editor together ( as example ) and in th eother screen the keyeditor all alone
Than save this as a workspace.
Is this correct?

“tiled” (consolidated) window function …what is that ?
With one buttonclick 2 screens automatically divided in one screen ?

That´s correct. You can then program hortcuts for the first 10 workspaces you create,
to open them on keystroke. No mouse required.