How to get this black color gui in Cubase


I just watched a video that Steinberg uploaded on youtube ( ) and I really like the black color that Cubase has in this video.

So, just a quickie, I could play with the values in the preferences but up to now I am always coming up with something that is either blue-ish or green-ish. Does anyone have the parameters in handy right now so that I could achieve the same color?

I will try to experiment in the meantime, but thanks anyway. :wink:

(I could be completely wrong about this :wink: )…
I think the “deep black” you are seeing is in fact the background of the video, not the background of the Cubase Project window (look at the main Mac menu bar… it doesn’t take up the whole width). In fact, we never get to see the actual background of the Project window, and what we do see… the Inspector and the Mixer Control Room… look rather dark grey to me :wink:.

Thanks for the reply,

No, I am not talking about the background, I am talking about the mixer/project window color. It’s quite a dark grey and I quite like it :mrgreen:

Looks like the stock colour scheme to me.

Yeah, that’s exactly what my 6.5 install looks like and I’ve never tweaked any of the UI settings. Hmm.

Hmmm… Maybe because my settings are inherited from Cubase SX3 ,4 and 5. The default settings would be with all the sliders in the middle then?

here’s how to get that grey GUI

Personally, I can’t stand the stock Cubase blue. The first thing I always do after installing a new version Cubase is change it to the more professional looking grey.

Thank you! That’s what I was looking for . I prefer Cubase this way too!