how to get this note input

I am a little bit frustrated to ask here how to do this note input in the enclosed example
Can’t find good studymaterial to do this.

Can you be more specific? Which spot exactly?

Bar 1 is no problem now :slight_smile:
Bar 2 ?

  1. Set your rhythmic grid to 8th notes.
  2. Press 7, period, C
  3. Press Shift-Alt-left arrow
  4. Press 4, B, A

i must decipher this ( this is a unproductive way of learning a program)
note: i am using a galley view staff and adding notes in existing bars : see enclosed pic and starting in bar 3

  1. Set your rhythmic grid to 8th notes.-> how ?

Have you looked at these videos?

Did not see the whole serie, but it looks promising.

Seems to me that i can start in Dorico with a predefined number of bars as in the enclosed example in the galley view
Its not that must start with bar 1?

An alternative input method for bar 2 in your example, starting from an empty bar:

Select the bar rest
Press Shift-N to start note input
Press 7 . (period) to select a dotted half note duration
Press C to input a dotted half C
Press T for a tie
Press 5 to select an eighth note duration
Press C to input an eighth C, that will be tied to the previous C on the staff (the dotted half you just input)
Press 4 for 16th notes
Press B then A to input the last 2 notes in the bar.

Dorico by default displays the dotted minim tied to an eighth differently (as a minim tied to a dotted quarter), so that the half-bar is clear. If you really wanted your original notation, you can press O for Force Duration after starting note input.

(@Dan I presume in your step 3 you meant Shift-Alt-Right arrow? to lengthen the dotted half by an eighth note?)

Deleted post

I do want to work alone with the keyboard and not using a mouse anymore
@Dan: Indeed a when using Shift -Alt-Right for this dotted half note then is decreasing the value with a 1/8 note , so you get a half note tied with 8th note ( as Dorico shows)

From both examples from@darkreider and@lille harris i don’t get the the wanted bar 2 till now ?..what’s going here :slight_smile:
Seems that there are two methods to lengthen a note

What’s wrong with what you’re getting - the displayed note durations, or notes in the wrong places in the bar? As I said, Dorico won’t display it as a dotted half tied to an eighth by default - it displays it as a half tied to a dotted quarter. If you follow my steps exactly all in one go, it should work correctly, although that is based on an English keyboard and an English machine. Have you changed any key commands in your version of Dorico?

There are various ways you can lengthen notes.

The example from@Dan seems to be wrong : the (start) dotted halfnote becomes shorter…:wink:
I checked the computer keyboard and its right working
I try your example again

Yes, I think Dan’s post had a typo - you should press Shift-Alt-Right arrow to lengthen the note by an eighth. (As I mentioned in my post.)

this i get from your input sequenze
maat 2 input.gif

Yes that’s correct. Please re-read this part of my original instructions about how Dorico displays the notes you input:

There is also a issue how to get notes positions(pitch) other then the positions from the keybaord A,B,C, etc
How to start on the middle C with the keyboard or any other C ?

But thats not the wanted example yet

janhardo, that sentence describes both what Dorico is doing and then how to get exactly what your original notation looks like. If you want notation that Dorico doesn’t do by default, you must use Force Duration.

For inputting notes in other octaves, see here. For changing the pitch/octave of notes after input, see here.