how to get this note input

Now when made your input it must be selected in the bar the notes and then force duration
Only de/selection notes with the keyboard is not clear …i am struggling with this
note: took a whole day to figure out this and one can question himself if this is the right way to start to work with Dorico ?

How to get rid of the selected bar 3 in keyboardmode, before i can select bar 2

To move the selection around, see here. To un-select, press Ctrl/Cmd-D.

Its about selecting/deselecting notes in the keyboardmode
The caret is in bar 2 at the start and now i must select the notes ?
Tried Shift + right arrow …

You might find it easier to leave note input, then click in bar 3 to select the whole bar, press Delete, then start note input again.

I do want to work only with keyboard and not using mouse anymore in write mode
The caret is standing in bar 2 with one selected note and some bars selected : Ctrl /D …now select bar two ?
The bottemline is : selecting/deselecting notes /bars in writemode in keyboardmode

Seems that in write mode with keybaord only selecting/deselecting all notes is possible ?
The caret cannot be used to select/deselect notes or a bar ?
I must go to the editting information .

As i see it now the editing mode cannot be done in keyboard mode ?
So write mode is keyboard and editing mode with mouse and keyboard ?

Hit Shift-N to get out of step entry mode - you don’t want the caret invoked. Right arrow from whatever is currently selected, Tab if you need to get from whatever is currently selected to a different type of object, then Shift-Right/Left/Up/Down to increase the scope of selection.

ok, i must go out step mode in order to work with th ekeyboard for de/selecting ( why i did not came up this?)

Force Duration for bar 2 ? …i got a input for bar 2 , but not yet the wanted note positions as in the example
I think th ecurrent bar 2 is not looking the same as the example bar , but when played it doesn’t matter

But i do want the same bar 2 as in the example and using O now ( force duration) with the selected notes, but nothing happens ?
I can imagine that Dorico musical IA shows a different note figuration, but i do want any note configuration.
So i am still stuck at bar two …i do want that bar two…i do want that bar two… :slight_smile:

Experiencing this no one would ever be using Dorico … :slight_smile:, but its a needed hurdle

When forcing the duration of existing notes (as it sounds like you’re doing - taking your existing bar 2 and wanting to turn it into the same note grouping as your example?) you have to reduce the note duration of tied notes, otherwise Dorico can’t know exactly what you want (that is, do you want to lock how it looks currently, or change it?)

So for you: select the first note in bar 2, outside of note input. (without the caret.) Make sure Force Duration is active for that C - check in the toolbox on the left. Then press 7 to make it just a half note. Then press . to make it a dotted half. Then you’ll probably need to re-input the eighth note C afterwards. Then leave note input, select the first dotted half C (double-check Force Duration is active), then press T.

Lillie did already link to the page in the user manual on Force Duration, which explains (in a tip) that if you want to apply force duration to existing notes you need to shorten the note before lengthening it.

If you apply force duration to existing notes, all that does is lock the existing note values. Dorico cannot read your mind; it cannot know exactly what you want. In your case, the steps are as follows:

  1. Select the existing note.
  2. Hit O to turn on Force Duration.
  3. Hit 7 to turn it into a minim/half.
  4. Hit . to dot it.
  5. Ensure that the rhythmic grid is set to quavers/eighths.
  6. Type Shift-Alt-Right to extend by the caret.

(This doesn’t add much to Lillie’s post immediately above, except that my final two steps don’t involve retrospectively adding a tie.)

Let me look again at the constructed bar 2 and the logic to use Force duration ?
How i know at forehand that i not get the wanted note configuration in Dorico and must use (note) force duration ?
Well i do have a minor degree for mathematics and do need my puzzling skills for Dorico

Is there a rule for using force duration ?.. as i understand it now its a manual construction for the bar 2
What is the workflow ?: first enter the notes in step mode and correcting them afterwards if a particulair bar is not in the wanted note configuration
I think that is the only possible workflow for this

You can change the way Dorico displays note groupings in Notation Options. You should find that changing these settings will give you the desired result nine times out of 10 (or more). In the rare case that you’re not getting the result you want and Notation Options doesn’t help you, that’s when you should use Force Duration.

Regarding order: you certainly can do it after the fact if needed, though it’s probably easier to do it as you go.

In notation options (cmd-shift-n) > time signatures you can define how Dorico handles note values depending on different time signatures. So this might help you to know in advance what Dorico will do.

Was cmd Shift-N not for inputmode and show the caret ? => no i am on windows , (cmd )is for mac (cmd is Ctrl in Windows)
I am searching for the notation options Press Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-N in any mode…should do it

As you see i am still searching for the notation options and probabably its notated in the write screen ?
Indeed of course right away correcting notes as they occur as not wanted.

There’s no lack of a manual. Lillie has linked to it in previous replies. There are also YouTube tutorials that explain the functions as well.

No, I’m reasonably certain the developers didn’t try to make this difficult for new users. :wink:

Most of the negative comments have come from users that are coming from long experiences with other software and struggling to un-learn those other ways of doing things. As has been discussed at length elsewhere, “intuitive” is a very subjective thing. What you find intuitive, other users might not. The development team has had the unenviable job of carefully selecting a workflow that they believe will be logical for the greatest number of users.

Shift-N is note input. Cmd-Shift-N is Notation Options.

Force Duration is generally the exception, not the norm. If you find yourself using it constantly, it’s probably one of three things:

  1. You haven’t changed the settings in Notation Options
  2. You are trying to enter note durations that are technically incorrect for the meter you’re using, or
  3. You’re wanting a scenario that is uncommon.

The point is that Force Duration shouldn’t be something you’re using frequently.

Well that explains a lot : the use of (note) force duration what mostly then not is necessary
I must check now the notation option setting then if it is correct ?

My note example was a unusual one :wink:

Don’t know what this is Cmd-Shift in : Shift-N is note input. Cmd-Shift-N is Notation Options.