How to get three systems on each page of violin quartet

I tried to get three systems instead of two for my violin quartet piece. I went into layout options and changed some values for spacing. Somehow I got one page with three systems but the other pages were still two. I don’t even know what I did exactly. Sorry for the vagueness. I thought I was changing the space in between the systems and also in between the staves. Thanks for you help

You can force it using this option:

However, if Dorico is calculating that three systems won’t fit on a page, you might end up with some tight spacing or collisions, so obviously check it through and tweak other settings as needed.

At the very least, some screenshots of your pages and Layout Options for Ideal Gaps and Vertical Justification percentages; if not the actual project uploaded – would reduce any vagueness in the replies.

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Changing the setting for ideal gap between systems may not show any difference due to vertical justification. Much better than forcing a number of systems is to tinker with the settings gently until the music fits by default: space size, margins, spaces between staves & systems. I like to turn off vertical justification temporarily by setting the percentages to 100% so I can see what’s going on, and turn it back on once I’ve got the systems on the desired pages.

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Thank you. This is so helpful. Now I know why I got the change in just one page as well.

I will try this. Thanks.