How to get tracks back from the trash in the pool

Hi, can everyone help me. I was trying to bounce down all my tracks to a song in cu base elements 8 to bring to another studio. When is was in the pool I accidentally hit remove unused media and sent it to the trash. HOW DO I GET ALL MY SONG TRACKS BACK IN THE POOL.

There is probably a better way but…
I’m not at my PC at the moment so off the top of my head maybe you can copy the files to your desktop then import them back into your project. PIA for sure.

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DRAG from trash AND DROP into pool!

Yes. It works pretty much just like the Window’s folder system. You can even create additional folders & sub-folders in the Pool to organize your audio if you like (although all the actual audio files will still be jumbled together in your Project’s Audio folder).

Yea… cool :wink:

Bringing audio files back from the trash isn’t as tough as I originally thought it was going to be.

I just tried it, and just like svennilenni and raino said you drag and drop them back into the audio folder. You can move them all back at once by choosing them with the CTRL key. Then it is a matter of dragging them back onto the specific audio track(s) (new or existing) in your project. Nice and easy.

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