How to get two tied 16ths -> 8th?

Likely I am over looking something obvious.

In the attached example I have two tied 16th notes that I would like to change to an 8th, but I cannot figure it out, Dorico insists on using two 16th notes.

The attached example should be clear - in bar one there is a tie of two 16th notes at the end of the first bar. I want to change that to an 8th, but the only thing that works for me is if I change the time signature as in bar 2.

Yes I’ve tried Lock to Duration - but to no avail.
sixteenths_to (233 KB)

The solution is not particularly obvious (at least to me). You need the Force Duration (Shortcut o) command. Force Duration is not retroactive, so you’ll need to delete the two 16th notes and then reenter them as a single 8th note after selecting Force Duration.


That did the trick. Thanks!!